How to Get a Startup Business Loan

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A small business loan for your current business, or even your startup, can seem challenging to tackle. However, we don’t think cash flow should ever stand in the way of your business growing, so we offer small business loans for established companies, startups, expansions, and more!

Alternative business funding through Probably Funding allows you to reach your business goals and grow however desired. Many of our clients use their business funding to invest in equipment, employees, marketing, construction costs, rent, and more. Because we don’t attach strings to your small business loan – we let you use it exactly how you want and how you need it.

Probably Funding makes the startup business loan process short.

One-page application

If you have heard horror stories about stacks of paper and hours of signing your name, don’t worry! We wanted to offer a better business funding option, so we started with our small business loan application.

Our application is just one page and can be completed in just a few minutes. We will then contact you to learn about your business and needs and how we can best help your business. And our name doesn’t just come from anywhere; we are called Probably Funding because we can probably help you get the small business loan you need.

Just fill out our application, speak with one of our team members, and be on your way to the small business loan you need. Short, simple, and sweet. Every step of our process is meant to make applying for your small business loan transparent and accessible, and credit decisions are always rendered quickly. We think that’s how business funding should be.

Probably Funding makes the loan process simple.

3 months of business bank statements

We don’t require mountains of paperwork in our application, and we don’t require you to show us mountains of past bank statements, either. Instead, we made our small business loan process simple, too. Simply three months of business bank statements if you are an existing business, or contact us if you are a startup. Every business starts at some point, and we want to help you on your business journey by getting you the small business loan you need today. Most banks refuse to consider startups or new businesses, but we will work to help you grow regardless of your age.

Plus, we offer no prepayment penalties and instead offer prepayment (or early payment) discounts on our small business loans. These prepayment discounts can be anywhere from 6 to 25% off the original cost of funds, depending on your business loan amount. Do the banks do that?

We make the small business loan process fast.

Funds as quick as one business day

We can fund your business as quickly as one business day! From quick business loans for startups to equipment loans for existing businesses, we have an option that perfectly fits your needs. And we will get you the funds right when you need them.

Whether you need a small business loan to bridge a payroll gap, buy more inventory, rent, taxes, or other periodic charges and fees, we can immediately get you the funds your business needs. What good is a small business loan if it comes too late? We look forward to making your small business loan process short, simple, and fast with Probably Funding.

Contact Probably Funding today to get started.

With an easy application process, fast approval in as little as one business day, repayment for up to 18 months, and small business loans anywhere from $5,000-$2,000,000, we can certainly work with you. Or, better said, we can probably work with you! Contact us today or apply online to get your small business loan underway. We cannot wait to partner with you and your business.


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