Benefits of Non-Traditional Business Financing

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When banks let you down, Probably Funding is here for you with our non-traditional business financing options. With a non-traditional business financing option, like a working capital loan, you spend less time wading through red tape and big-bank paperwork to get the capital you need faster!

This is especially helpful if you use your business financing to help bridge a capital gap in your daily or weekly operational needs. Waiting weeks for approval or spending hours filling out paperwork just to get denied the capital your business needs is hardly helpful. And that’s why Probably Funding decided to be different – the better alternative to traditional business funding.

Benefits of non-traditional business financing.

A working capital loan is an excellent choice for bridging any gaps in operational day-to-day needs, but only through a great lender. Unfortunately, big banks usually aren’t the ‘great lender’ you are looking for. In fact, most big bank applications are long, confusing, and time-consuming and will still deny you even after the hard work of filling it all out.

Working capital loans through Probably Funding are based on your current business performance, not a requirement of years of credit history. Plus, your on-time payments help build your business credit! Here are more benefits of non-traditional business financing through Probably Funding:

Approval in as little as one day

At Probably Funding, you could receive your business funds as quickly as one business day, up to $500,000! Because we know that unexpected expenses or business opportunities don’t wait around for paperwork to go through slowly, they often require a quick business loan! We move fast to provide you access to the working capital you need when you need it!

Our simple application = your simple solution

One of the reasons we can have such fast approval is because we have streamlined our application process. This makes it easier for you to fill out and easier for us to go over. You have a business to run, so we didn’t want to make an application that felt like a second (or third) job! We know you are busy, so our application process is fast, and hassle-free, and credit decisions are rendered quickly. Most of our clients complete their online applications in just minutes!

Flexibility in your business financing uses

Unlike the big banks, we let you use your non-traditional business financing or working capital loan as you see fit. Buy inventory for a big order, bridge payroll gaps, pay taxes, or pull the trigger on exciting opportunities in expansion and growth. Our working capital small business loans meet you and your business right where you’re at – whatever that may be.

Build your credit, don’t hurt it

Building your credit profile for your business is essential, which is why we give businesses the opportunity to improve their credit profile with each and every on-time payment we receive. Our small business loans are based on your current business performance and help build your business credit for future needs.

Small business? New business? That’s OK!

We even have non-traditional business financing options for new businesses and startups. Most lenders refuse to help new businesses, but we provide alternative business funding and financing options for startups to help you grow. Every business was ‘new’ at one point, and we want to help each one reach their full potential!

Repay up to 18 months + no prepayment penalties

We think that prepayment penalties aren’t fair. Not only will we never charge you a ‘prepayment fee’ or a fee for paying off your loan ‘too quickly’, but we actually offer prepayment (or early payment) discounts on our loans and non-traditional business financing options.

Business Loans in a variety of amounts

Whether you need a little or a lot, Probably Funding can probably say ‘yes’! And with many small business loan applications being rejected by the big banks, non-traditional business financing options are becoming increasingly popular! Don’t get stuck with your second or third choice when the big banks deny your business loan application; choose a lender who will genuinely partner with you.

Working capital loans from Probably Funding.

A survey from Richmond’s Federal Reserve Bank found that banks have an approval rate of only about 58% for small business loan applications. However, alternative lenders have a 71% approval rate for small business loans – and Probably Funding works to get that number as close to 100% as possible!

Our working capital loans can help you finance your everyday operational needs. From purchasing additional inventory to helping with payroll, investing in new equipment, paying taxes, or other fees like rent, marketing efforts, or even general cash flow needs, our working capital loans are meant to bridge the gap between what your business needs right now and what it currently has.

Working capital loans are usually short-term (not multi-year loans); however, that doesn’t mean you won’t get a great rate that works with your budget. We offer repayment terms of up to 18 months for our working capital loans instead of the industry standard of 12 months or less. Plus, we have no prepayment fees – so you can pay it off as fast as you like!

Our working capital loans don’t require equity transactions, so you still have complete control of your business. Plus, our working capital loans are ‘unsecured’ and don’t require any collateral.


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