Startup and small business loan guide

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Small business loans are anything but small to many businesses, as they can mean the difference between a new location, added inventory, and upgraded equipment – or cash flow and payroll issues.

Probably knows just how big a small business or startup loan can be, which is why we created our definitive guide for all the steps and most common questions you may have. From what startup and small business loans even are, to where you can get them, to how – we want to make the process simple, even if you don’t decide to partner with us.

What are startup or small business loans?

A business startup loan is a form of financing that helps new businesses fund their needs. This could be anything from working capital, equipment, supplies and inventory, even building fees or rent. New businesses, or startups, often have more trouble getting loans due to their short history and the fact that many traditional lenders consider them too risky.

A small business loan is much the same as a startup loan, however, even if a small business has a steady history, many traditional lenders can still see it as risky, especially if their revenue is not high.

Probably believes that cash flow shouldn’t keep you from reaching your small business or startup goals. That’s why our business loans give you the freedom to grow your business the way you want with the capital you need. We want to help you grow your business faster, which is why we offer quick and clear small business loans.

Where can I get a small business or startup loan?

If you are searching for small business loans or startup loans, you have probably already realized that there seem to be endless options. However, here are a few of the most common ways you can procure your business funding.

  • Alternative Lenders, including equipment financing companies
  • Business credit cards
  • Personal funding
  • Crowdfunding
  • SBA and other microloans
  • Invoice financing

Of course, you could also have waded through all the red tape of trying to get a business loan from a traditional lender or bank, but even if you do everything right, you could still have your application denied. Which is where Probably comes in. We make our process of securing financing simple, clear, and fast!

How do I apply for small business or startup loans?

The Probably process couldn’t be easier, just click to fill out our simple online application, talk to us so we can understand your business and needs, and then get your funding fast – in as little as one business day.

Unfortunately, not all application processes for small business loans are as simple as Probably’s. In fact, they are usually quite lengthy, and difficult, and require a lot of documentation.

Even after you submit your application and show all the documents required, you will probably have to be patient, as many traditional lenders and banks do not have a quick turnaround. Be sure that you’re aware of the wait time before you begin any application process. Or, you could utilize Probably and have your business funding in as little as one business day!

Contact Probably to apply for your loan!

Probably saw a problem with small business funding and financing – and we decided to do something about it. We saw too often banks refusing to help or having such long, rigid, and complex processes, that they really weren’t helping at all, even if they did offer startup or small business loans.

Probably knows that running a small business is difficult, and expensive, and taking a leap of faith in your dream startup is a huge undertaking. This is exactly why we want to do everything we can to make it easier for you.

Contact us today or apply today! We can’t wait to partner with you, and your business, and help your business succeed.


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